About Us

The Vision

Out of inspiration came Don’t Follow The Crowd… an ethos, a mentality, a way of life

Being directed by media, high street chain retailers and culture to wear certain colours, shapes or “in-fashion” clothing does not provide much choice especially for the modern man. Started in May 2018, Don’t Follow The Crowd (DFTC) is about taking back your individuality and adding new combinations to your wardrobe through innovative usage of patterns, colours and materials that have never been done before on men’s (or in some cases women’s) footwear.

DFTC footwear aims to bring stylish passionate design together with day to day wearability. By innovating from start to finish yet understanding the need for practical clothing, DFTC will provide customers with options not only for their footwear but also stimulation to renovate and reinvigorate the rest of their outfits.

Don’t Follow The Crowd also aim to consistently work with other designers in both fashion and other industries to continue to grow and push the boundaries of footwear design and manufacture.


Can't find footwear that makes you feel like an individual?


How to design and create footwear that makes the wearer feel special and happy to be in those shoes... a tall task and no background in the field...


An idea is only an idea until actions are taken - all of our prototypes are handmade by ourselves, we also worked extremely closely with our suppliers to ensure that our vision is created for your pleasure.


By taking an unconventional approach to creativity Dont Follow The Crowd provides truly innovative footwear aesthetics and will continue to push the boundaries of both looks and techniques to design and manufacturer.

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